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Plants 101

May 31, 2022 4 min read

Plants 101
Embracing the earth and everything that it has to offer brings so much more to life than moving away from nature and towards technology. Nowadays, we as a society are moving very quickly to choosing a life that incorporates more technology and less natural elements, and the busy lives we follow can lead to us forgetting the feelings that nature evokes within us. A walk in the park or a day at the beach is usually a sure way to make us feel relaxed and at ease with ourselves. Plants have a very similar effect when placed within your living space. Indoor plants make us feel good as much as they look good within our space. Plants have a subtle way of bringing so much character and personality to our interiors, and with the options of so many different varieties of plants, it brings endless possibilities.


Getting in touch with nature will not only improve your well-being, but it can also be extremely therapeutic to care for. Faux plants, also known as fake or plastic plants, offer the advantages of reduced maintenance, and avoidance of allergy issue, and is a cost-effective approach to adding greenery to your home. Whether you choose real plants or a faux range, plant selections in your home will boost moods, productivity, concentration, and creativity.

Here are 8 ways to add major personality to your interiors with plants:

  1. Fill up an empty corner

Add instant vibrance to your room by placing a uniquely designed planter such as the Sage Standing Planter with a plant that has a generous leaf growth. This will bring life and a pop of colour to your room filling up the corner space perfectly.
  1. Home office

Home offices can be a pretty boring place and we would like to spend the least amount of time in that room compared to any other room in the house. However, recently working from home has become increasingly popular, and spending more hours in your home office has become the norm. Add some creativity by bringing plants to the office. While your work desk must remain clear and clutter-free, the ground and walls can be filled with all the greenery you’d like. You could even transform your office into a tropical paradise and work from there in bliss.


  1. Use plants to make a headboard

Out with the old and in with the new! Instead of using a conventional headboard, try creating one of your own with plants. Install a floating shelf above your bed and fill it up with plants that hang. This will bring a natural feel to your bedroom and allows you to be as creative as you like. Bring your personality into your space.


  1. Transform a bar cart

Don’t feel for a drink? Use your bar cart as a plant stand instead. Bar carts such as the Abacus feature two lays and wheels, which allow for several design opportunities when it comes to your plants. You could set up smaller potted plants on the bottom layer of the cart and hanging plants at the top. The wheels make it convenient to move around your house, so, if you’re making use of real plants it would allow you to move the plants to places that have abundant sunlight.


  1. Use plants to make your bookshelf pretty

Sometimes, our bookshelves are not always full of books, we have some spaces here and there that are empty, and these are the spots where a pot plant or two can be incorporated to bring the look of your room together. The touch of greenery will add a gentle contrast to the colour of your book collection while adding a natural feel to the shelf and the room as a whole.


  1. Taking advantage of vertical space

You can make use of several vertical spaces around your home or even transform a bare wall into a feature wall with a few shelves and many plants. Install a floating shelf over a window and allow vines to hand down from it. This is a great option for people with pets. You could also position about four floating shelves strategically on a wall and set up your plants to create a wall of plants. This maximizes floor space and provides the feel of a jungle canopy.


  1. Add plants to the bathroom

Recreate the feel of a tropical spa-like get away without having to go very far. Simply adding a tree like the faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree near the sink of your bathroom will bring in tons of visual interest. The fig tree is exceptionally realistic and can be a nice addition to a bathroom instead of a real plant as it does not require sunlight or air to thrive.


  1. Entranceways need plants

Placing one large pot plant and smaller décor items on a hallway table or server at the entrance of your home will create a welcoming feel to your home for your guests. Fresh flowers and plants have a way of setting the ambiance of a room. So, by placing some fresh or faux plants at the front of your house, you will create a wonderful impression on your guests.


The addition of plants to your home has endless benefits in regard to interior design, mental health, general well-being, and the planet too. A home with plants has so much more personality than a space without any. There is an option for everyone, people that don’t have green fingers but still want the luxury of having greenery in their homes can easily add faux plants to their interiors and others can plant and care for the plants as much as they’d like. Being and feeling one with nature can add a lot to the space you spend most of your time in.