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Master bedroom: the place to be

June 10, 2022 3 min read

Master bedroom: the place to be

The master bedroom originated in the early 1920s and became popular as the main bedroom of the house during the 1980s. The master bedroom is considered to be a slightly larger bedroom compared to the other bedrooms within a house. It usually comprises of an en-suite and/or a closet. Most of the time, this bedroom is occupied by the owner of the house and is a relatively more spacious room that can accommodate several design concepts. It is known that we spend at least one-third of our time in the bedroom and now that we prepare to go into hibernation this winter, turning the master bedroom into a retreat is vital.

Your bedroom should resonate with your personal style and this will, in turn, make your master bedroom your personal sanctuary at home. Whether it’s the minimalist flair, which offers the warmth of raw, natural textures, or the maximalist style that sees balance and blending create a beautifully harmonious room, a well-decorated bedroom can be genuinely appreciated.

A few mini changes to the master bedroom can bring an elaborate aesthetic to your space. We have looked at some interesting updates regarding master bedrooms.

Colour theory

Colours in the bedroom should feel calming and equally stimulating. Consider colour theory when designing your master bedroom. This will ensure that there is a good balance in the design of the room. Colour theory is the science behind which colours go well together, it is the art of putting these colours together within a space.


Panelling adds a lot of class and fluidity to a room and this design style is slowly making a very fashionable comeback. Ushering in supple depth without overwhelming the space are ribbed, scalloped, and crimpled panels. Its delicate and massive influence on how the room looks plays a huge part in the interior design of a bedroom. With panelling, we suggest you stick to neutral colours and allow for the panelling to speak for itself. It can be a pretty intriguing addition to the master bedroom and will make it feel slightly royal in its style.

Area rug

Have you known anything to be more comfortable than padding across cushy floors after slipping off your shoes?
The master bedroom can be given a snug and finished look with the addition of a carpet. Transform your floors into absolute art pieces with carefully selected woven rugs. Choose textures and colours that complement the rest of your space giving the warmth and comfort that you are looking for.


Upholstered headboards stand to be one of the greatest wonders that can be when it comes to headboards for master bedrooms. They offer luxury and sophistication to the room while wooden headboards are truly ageless beauties that bring timeless elegance into your room. With upholstered headboards, both solid colours and bold prints can be mesmerizing, however, it does ultimately depend on how you choose to style these colours and patterns.

Plush bedding 

The cold winter winds make us want to dive right into bed on most days. Is there really anything better than a supremely comfortable bed to snooze away in the cold?

Plump pillow, soft sheets, and duvets make up the essentials for a comfortable and inviting bed. Look at the colour theme of your room and then select the bedding that best complements these colours. You can choose to go with a neutral theme or you could choose to make your bed stand out from the rest of the theme you have going on. This could be relatively easy to do as the bed is the central piece of furniture in the room. Bedding gives you the freedom to constantly change the look of the room due to there being a variety of colours, patterns, and textures to choose from.

Extra seat

Looking for a quiet place to finish reading that novel?

An occasional chair in the master bedroom paired with an opulent side table makes for a stunning private lounge within the space. This allows you to add to the design concept you have going on and make it even more incredibly in-depth and interesting. These areas can be a wonderful complement to the entire room and also create a nice conversational space for private chats.


The master bedroom is a space that should be given a little extra attention when it comes to interior design, it is the “main” bedroom of the house and sometimes is focused on more than the other bedrooms are. As long as there is balance, layering items in the master bedroom will give a stunningly refreshing look and feel to the space. Consider layering- framed photographs on textured walls, area rugs on carpets, and organized trinkets on finished surfaces. These small style techniques will tie up the space and make the luxurious master bedroom stand out.