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Create a cuddlesome reading nook 

June 13, 2022 3 min read

Create a cuddlesome reading nook 

Whether reading is or isn’t your favourite hobby, creating a reading spot within your home comes with endless benefits and, not forgetting, aesthetics. Reading nooks are really just extremely charming spaces, which makes reading almost magical. These gorgeously designed spaces allow you to travel deep into different worlds and different times in ultimate comfort and peace. Bringing together just a few essentials can open the way for you to set up a dainty reading space within your interior that overflows with your personality and showcases your book collection immaculately. Your daily routine could do with a relaxed start at the reading nook or even a chilled evening to end off your day on a good note. 

Any space will do! 

The great quirk about reading nooks is that you can literally set one up anywhere in your house. Because it's such a small section to do, most homes have bare spaces that could do with some visual interest. You can set your reading nook up in: 
  • An empty corner 

  • The bedroom 

  • The living room 

  • Fireplaces

  • The actual library

  • A closet that is not being used 

  • Near a window

Totally lit

The days of reading past our bedtime with a flashlight under the covers are long gone. Now we have the ability to light up our reading spaces with good lighting that looks good too! Natural lighting is always welcomed in any reading space, however, for your late-night or dull, rainy day reads, you are going to need a lamp to light your words up. You will want to select a lamp that does not lead to you having to strain your eyes while reading. Floor lamps and side lamps both feature some interesting designs that could add a touch of elegance to your reading nook. The Lausanne floor lamp has a unique design that will be the coolest statement piece to bring to your reading nook. 

The essentials

A reading nook does not require much to be created or transformed into a reading nook, you just have to consider and select the place you want to set up, and then you are on the way to creating a spectacular little area to go on the most intriguing adventures. You will need to focus on the main essential furniture pieces for your nook. The “Four Fun” rule is a fabulous rule to stick to when it comes to selecting your essentials. To create a fun nook, you only need four basic pieces, which include:
  1. The bookcase

  2. The occasional chair

  3. The lamp

  4. The side table

These four pieces skilfully placed together will transform into a stunning nook. The aesthetics and theme of your nook are heavily dependent on the colour and textural choices that you make. For instance, if you choose the Louvre Bookcase for book storage then pairing an occasional chair such as the Piper would be an excellent combination. Add the Louvre side table to this and you’ll soon have developed a stunning uniformed look for your nook, giving you the freedom now to play around with scatters and throws that are bold and complementary to the neutral colour palette.

Your books are delicate and prized possessions that you want to have stored in a careful manner that also showcases your collection whether it’s the limited edition of Harry Potter novels or simply a collection of your favourite author. A bookcase should be your first option in regard to the storage of your books, however, if you wish to make more floor space for things such as your lamp or side table then floating shelves are a good idea. Floating shelves don’t take up space and can be designed in such a way that it adds to and complements the aesthetics of your nook.

Once you have set up your nook, you can consider the small additions. Stimulating your senses during reading has a lasting effect. Lighting a lavender-scented candle will contribute to the calming and relaxing vibes that you are aiming for with your reading nook. This not only makes your reading space great for its intention, which is reading, but it’s also pretty great for taking some me-time after a long day. Books tend to have a way of evoking emotions regardless of whether you are reading them or simply sitting next to a colour-coordinated pile or an alphabetically organized shelf, they will bring you a sense of order in usual chaos. There truly is no better way to read than in a comfortable, specially created area that speaks to you and your needs. A reading nook is an ideal space for any home.