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The simplest way to give your home a makeover

June 09, 2022 4 min read

The simplest way to give your home a makeover

Tired of the same look? Want a change and don’t know where to start? A certain theme or look of your home left that way for a long time can become quite mundane and boring. Changing up your home can feel good and add a ton of visual interest to your space. When it comes to home makeovers, small changes can make the biggest difference. You don’t need to change the entire setup of your living areas or spend all of your cash to update your home according to your tastes and style. It is pretty simple to change up your house to a more contemporary and sophisticated look. 

Modern sophistication is not hard to achieve and we have looked at some of the easiest ways to change your space around you to spruce it up and make it livelier. 

Firstly, you need to get organized. 

Cleaning up your home is the first step to making it better than it was. Complete a proper clean-up of all the rooms in your house. This way you will also be able to determine which rooms you wish to make changes to. Remove the dust and dirt from your furniture, you might find that some things in your house just needed to be cleaned and can look good after the clean-up. Extra storage units will be great to add to your space, you can organize the items you wish to be left out and displayed within your interior, and the pieces that you do not need to have kept out can be stored away. The Louvre Storage Box Unit is perfect for getting organized, it has ample space and can fit a range of items away. This storage box also features a stunning design that will complement your living space and add tons of sophistication. 

Add an accent

In interior design, an accent piece is known to be a piece of furniture that ties up and complements the entire design concept of the room. Adding an accent is a chance to go a little wild and select something completely out of the ordinary. With accent pieces, you are able to introduce the unexpected and add major interest to your room. Accent pieces can be unique and even have interesting back stories to them, which makes them an even better addition to your room. It can work as a wonderful conversation starter as well. The Abacus Bar Cart works great as an accent piece especially when paired with your favorite selection of drinks. 

Pops of colour is always a good idea.

Most homes are designed with a neutral colour palette, which makes sense because this type of colour palette makes it easy to maintain and is relatively gentle on the eye. Now, adding a load of intensely coloured furniture to change up your space might not be the best idea, however, bringing in specks of colour here and there might just be the answer you are looking for when it comes to your home makeover. Adding a little colour will not only change the mood of the space but will also update the feel of the room. Go for brighter colours such as yellows, reds, and blues, when looking to introduce a pop of colour to a space. For neutral living rooms, a game-changer is a deep blue sofa like the Oakland. The magnificence of this couch will speak for itself within your interior and it is extremely comfortable too. You could also start small by incorporating a colourful rug or throw pillows into your design. 

When in doubt, throw it out. 

Naturally, if something does not feel right within a room then it should not be there. You have probably heard the saying “less is more”, which stands to be extremely true, especially with contemporary and sophisticated designs. One great-looking console is worth more small pieces that create a busy and crowded feeling. Remove the clutter and any items that do not necessarily tie up the look of your room. Simple, clean spaces bring harmony and balance to any space, which automatically makes it a more pleasant space to spend time in. Look at reducing items that don’t add to your interior design. Focus on one strong statement of style instead of many smaller items

Lastly, go multi-purpose

Multi-purpose pieces widely support minimalist, simple designs in interior spaces. The pieces reduce the need for numerous items within one particular space. Choosing a piece of furniture that can work for you in a variety of ways. Your home can be given a completely new look with the simple elimination of the need for more items. Multi-purpose furniture reduces clutter and this, in turn, keeps your place tidy, which actually makes a room more inviting. 


These simple ways of giving your home a makeover will definitely bring your house back to life, change up the style, and increase space. You can greatly improve the functionality of your house and customize your home to your preferences and needs while also ensuring that it remains up to date and its feel is contemporary.