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Rugs – Where & How To Style Them

March 01, 2022 2 min read

Rugs – Where & How To Style Them

A rug is the ultimate styling tool, from making a statement to providing the finishing touches of your décor. Rugs infuse a room with personality, style and warmth, so it is important to make sure you choose the right carpet for your home.


Before you get shopping for your carpet, the first thing to do is measure your space. This will help you choose the right rug for your home.

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a rug – will it have patterned or solid block colour? Will it be made from natural fibre or synthetic? Does the rug need to be hard-wearing? Will it be partially covered by a sofa or coffee table? Do you want to be able to sit on it?

Decide on what you need for your home by taking into consideration the layout of your room. The placement of the rug will determine the shape and size of the rug you will purchase.


Creating a harmonious atmosphere within your home with subtle features such as the wall colour, the shape of the room and finishing decorative touches.

If your want a warm, homely atmosphere, try a wool rug in a muted palette. If you prefer something dark and moody then look for a rug that features deeper, richer tones and lots of texture.

Weigh up where your carpet is going to sit, will the colours, patterns and shape of the rug complement the furniture that already exist in the room?

The material you choose for your rugdepends on where it will live and what purpose it will serve; whether it's purely functional or a touch of luxury in your room.


Rectangular or square rugs are great for defining spaces. A round rug adds softness to a room and it doesn't matter if it doesn't fit the space perfectly while a rectangular or square rug, it has to be the right size to be in proportion with the space otherwise it will look out of place.


Buying a durable but comfortable rug is essential for homes where there are children present.

Think about the texture, pattern and comfort level if offers the carpet has and if this would be suitable for kids.

Children like to sit and play on rugs, so consider a blended carpet – a combination of natural and synthetic fibre, the longer piled thread would be a great child-friendly choice.


There are many expensive and inexpensive rug choices to choose from.

There are many inexpensive colourful rugs that are a fantastic option to add interest and warmth to a room without breaking the budget.

These are great options, especially if you like changing up the look and feel of your room from time to time.

If you're looking to invest in a rug that will last for many years, go for something classic. Choose muted colours and natural fabrics such as silk or wool.