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Bed Frames Vs Headboard

March 02, 2022 2 min read

Bed Frames Vs Headboard

A well-rounded bedroom should be both beautiful and restful. As such, the bed is the focal point of your room, so choosing the perfect furniture that creates a cosy and comfortable space is essential to your wellbeing. To choose the perfect style, weigh the benefits of purchasing a bed frame or buying a headboard separately. These essential features complete the look of your room however how would you know which option is best for you?

We have weighed in on headboards vs bed frames and the benefits of each.

Defining Bed Frame Vs. Headboard

The difference between a bed frame and a headboardis solely in their function. Many classify a bed frame as a combination of a mattress and bed frame which may feature an attached headboard and footboard or come with only a foundation. Foundations are metal, plastic or wood and hold a mattress off of the ground.

A headboard, however only supports the head of the bed and is created to add cushioning between sleepers and the wall. Some headboards are affixed to the wall or freestanding, which makes it easy to move. Common styles include panel, poster and sleigh.

Do You Need Both A Bed Frame And A Headboard?

While a bed frame and headboard do complete a bedroom’s design, choosing between the two can be tricky. Most bed frames offer additional storage which is built into the design of the frame as side pull-out storage drawers or underneath the base of the bed, while upholstered headboards also work as a back rest for those who like to sit up and watch tv or read in bed.

Bed Frame Vs. Headboard Practicality

Is A Headboard Useful?

The main factor to consider when shopping for a bed frame or headboard is the practicality of it. What is will you be needing out of it? Is it functional with the rest of the room’s furniture?

A headboard offers soft support to your head while you sleep and it also cushions your back if you prefer sitting up while you read or watch TV.

A bed frame however is a complete set that supports your mattress. Bed frame provides secure housing and prevents your mattress from moving around. It also helps maintain the original shape of the mattress which can increase the longevity of your bed.

Is A Bed Or A Headboard Best For You?

Purchasing a bed frame or headboard is an investment, so choosing the right piece of furniture for your home is important. If you are looking to create a matching bedroom suit, a bed frame will be best suited for you, but if you are on a budget purchasing a headboard or bed frame separately is the perfect solution. In the end, prioritising comfort and cost is sure to lead you in the right direction.