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Sofa Trends To Look Out For In 2022

February 08, 2022 3 min read

Sofa Trends To Look Out For In 2022

While not muchthought went into the importance of how versatile a sofa canand shouldbe, it has come a long way in recent years. This severelyoverworkedpiece of furniture makes up an essential part of every home, big or small. Sofas not only represent a comfortable place to rest and relax but are also aninformal place to converse and a place to work,especially with so many more people working remotely. As the years go by, the design and functions of the couch change and improve. This year we look atcontemporary architecture, luxuriously spacious large seats, and plush backrests,for the main sofa trends of 2022. 

1 Angular Sofas

We are thrilled at the thought of angular sofas becoming more prominent in 2022. Angular sofas are intuitive pieces of furniture that are adaptable in small spaces, as well as large openliving roomswithout you having to sacrifice on the comfort and convenience of everyday life.An angular sofa can bestyledinyourliving room, in an open space to divide the room, or in a larger hallway to welcome guests.Using angular sofas as more of a formal sitting area in a formal lounge or entryway is a great way to incorporate this sofa trend into your home while still keeping your favourite standard sofa in your family room. 

Its flexible seating arrangements, plush cushions, androundedcorner or sectional arrangements are no longer made to be stuck in a corner. The angular shape of these sofas create an inviting layout in your living room, all it needs is a little personal touch of decor. 

2 Sofas With Bolster Cushions

Bridge the gap between style and comfort with the modern but timeless bolster cushion sofa.Bolster cushions are an iconic piece of furniture, are a classic in feel, and add something a little different to an interior space.Styling a sofa that comes with matching bolster cushions ensures that your space already has a cohesive look and feel even before you start to decorate. A couch with matching bolster cushions can be set up in different configurations to suit the size of your living room and your personal style. Bolster cushions are no longer just used as additional support to your back, these sofas are extremely versatile. 

The luxurious large seats offer comfort and it’s a perfect way to unwind after a long day or just relax around with the family enjoying a good movie.Create a beautiful setting by making your bolster cushion sofa a focal point in the living room.

3 Multi-directional Sofas 

Let your imagination run wild and create a lounge suite that complements that layout and size of our living room, as well as your family and lifestyle needs.Multi-directional sofas give you the freedom to make your ownsofa configuration, andare the ideal choice for those that love to socialise or just lounge around with family and friends. It is not a simple piece of furniture but a small piece of architecture.

The customisable design offers a sleek or contemporary style giving you the choice to configure your sofa in various ways to complement your room's dimensions and create a chic look from all sides. Rather than be pushed up against a wall, multi-directional sofas can be placed in the center of your living room allowing you to open the room to more space. The contemporary-shape is spacious, modern but also still offers the comfort of your everyday sofa. Unique in its own right, multi-directional sofas can be paired with bold trimmings such as a scatter cushion or throw.Depending on the combination of the modular multi-directional pieces can become a daybed, a multi-seater sofa or a large seating platform.

Whichever you choose, the angular sofa, bolster cushion, or multi-directional sofa, Leather Gallery has what you’re looking for, including all the decor that can accompany the look you want to achieve.