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The concept of the industrial interior design

June 14, 2022 3 min read

The concept of the industrial interior design


Inspired by old factories and industrial spaces, perhaps out of necessity to convert old or abandoned buildings into urban living, the industrial interior design concept is a union of style and utility. This design concept usually features open floor plans and furniture arranged in a way that breaks the space up. 

A brief history 

This concept is considered to be relatively modern, however, it has been inspired by the industrial revolution, which was the process of change from the handicraft economy to one that was dominated by industry and machine manufacturing. The industrial revolution was where factories became the start of industrial architecture. Later, the shortage of houses in the 2000s saw factories being converted into industrial loft apartments with open floor plans and this started to drive the design concept out further. The basic structural elements of the factories, such as exposed materials with large windows, became selling points. 

While recent years have seen a decline in factories being converted for living spaces, the design concept is being largely used across the globe. We can see how it is an attractive and appealing concept. Contemporary homes make use of a combination of industrial and mid-century modern styles to create a sophisticated yet cozy blend in dining rooms, living rooms, or throughout the house. The rise of minimalism has also made a major contribution to industrial interiors becoming popular. 

The defining elements 


  • High architectural materials  

Open floor plans and high ceilings are the usual main features of the industrial design concept. Choose to highlight the exposed, raw elements of the space, such as bricks, concrete, and pipes. 


  • Bare light bulbs

The Solo Glass pendant light is the ideal choice for industrial interiors. Floor lamps and pendant lights, which allow for the light bulb to be visible are extremely popular in this design concept. 


  • Repurposed materials 

A great way to introduce natural elements into heavy metal materials is by making use of repurposed materials such as a wooden coffee table or dining table. Tables that feature contemporary design and that are manufactured from natural materials will fit in stunningly with the concept. The Bolton wood dining table features a design that will complement your industrial dining space well. 


  • Graphic lines 

This design concept loves clean, graphic lines that are created with black metals. This simple style is complemented nicely with windowpanes and bar stools. Mirrors also tend to have a way of offering these graphic lines and this can be seen with the Arena mirror, which is designed to provide a clean, modern look. 


  • Cozy and natural textiles

Weathered leather or linen furniture and accents go well with the industrial design concept. It has a subtle way of creating a lived-in and cozy feel within the home. 


  • Embrace natural light 

Large natural windows with black panes are almost the signature of this design concept. Allowing for natural light to fill the space will create a generous warmth in your home and also highlight the natural elements that you have incorporated within your interior design. 


Ultimately, the industrial interior design concept does not have to be confined to just old factories, it can be accommodated in just about any interior just as long as the defining elements are gracefully incorporated. This design concept is essentially a no-frills one that is mingled with comfort and personality. Colour and texture can be brought into this design with the addition of steel, iron, glass, and wood accessories. Vintage photographs, abstract art, and plants also bring a major visual interest to the space.