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New Year. New You. New Furniture Resolution?

December 30, 2022 2 min read

New Year. New You. New Furniture Resolution?

2023 is just around the corner! While the fun and merriment are sure to continue into the new year they are usually followed by a long list of New Year’s resolutions. “Getting more exercise in, eating healthier and reading more” may be a few of the resolutions on many lists but, have you considered a new furniture resolution? What?! A new furniture resolution, it's like a new year's resolution but it revolves around your furniture, after all, your furniture does play an essential role in your life.

If you need a little inspiration to discover your New Furniture Resolution here are some of our recommendations to help you and your furniture throughout the new year:

  1. OWN IT!!! Save up for your dream sofa, bedroom set, dining set or furniture item.
  2. Clean your furniture more often.
  3. Love and appreciate your sofa.
  4. Keep your furniture away from areas in your homethat allow direct sunlight to reflect on them. Items such as leather sofas  can get damaged due to too much sunlight shining directly on them. Keep them moisturized with our leather care and maintenance
  5. Clean in between the seats of your sofa!
  6. Reupholster your favourite fabric  or leather lounge set or get a new one to replace your old worn-out sofa that no one sits on any longer.
  7. Some chairs have a maximum weight capacity, so don’t share your chair. Remember sharing is not chairing!
  8. Check your wooden furniture for wood borer.
  9. Find an environmentally friendly way to dispose of the packaging you receive your new furniture
  10. Don’t sit on your sofa with dirty feet or shoes on.
  11. Switch up the positions of your home furniture.
  12. Keep the arts & crafts for the crafts room! Pen ink stains are not the easiest to remove so it's best to not write while on the sofa.
  13. Turn your mattress if you need to.
  14. Bring the outdoors in, with the addition of an artificial plant.
  15. Declutter your space, you can use storage shelves, drawers and sideboards to do this.
  16. Keep messy hands off of your furniture and use coasters and place-mats on your dining table.
  17. Don’t eat in the lounge or bedroom.
  18. Don’t let your kids jump on your sofas or bed.
  19. Revamp your interiors by adding scatter cushions, faux plants and other décor
  20. Your faux plants need a little care too. Wipe the leaves of your artificial plants and plant accessories.
  21. Don’t touch your mirrors…unless you’re cleaning them.
  22. Don’t rock on it if it’s not a rocker!
  23. Keep sharp objects and keys out of your pockets when seated.
  24. Make your bed every day!
  25. Wash the covers of your scatter cushions
  26. Add more books to your bookshelf.
  27. Keep make-up off of the bed!
  28. Avoid getting your foundation on white couches!
  29. Change your lightbulbs frequently. Add some ambience to your living space with different lighting.
  30. It’s a sofa, not a bed! Unless it’s a sleeper couch. Invest in a sleeper couch in the new year.


Happy New Year!